• Complete Testing Facilities

  • Serdi Valve Seat Equipment

  • Custom Headers 

  • Crygenic Tempering

  • Motec Factory Trained Technician

Below are Services Offered at Performance Plus - Call for Pricing

Bore Cylinders F-3   Modify Stock Carbs  
Bore Cylinders F-4   Modify Transmission Cases  
Bottom End Labor   Modify Water Outlets F-4  
Cam Tower Repair   Modify Wiring Harness F-4  
Serdi Valve Job   Powder Coat Engine (Each)  
Cryogenic Treat Engine   Prep F4-i Motor (Stock)  
Deck Cylinder   Program Box Service Contract  
Deck F-3   Surface Cylinder  
Deck F-4   Surface Head  
Deck R-6    Dyno Time (p/hour)  
Flow Bench Time (p/hour)   Flow Head (big cam valves)  
Flow Under Valve (stock)   Fly Cut Pistons  
Hone Cylinders   Install Head, Degree Cams  
Install Transmission   Lighten Pistons  
Modify Back of Engine F-4   Modify Cam Chain Adj.   
Modify Cam Gears   Modify F-3 Plug Wires  
Modify F4-i Fuel Rail   Modify F4-i Injection  
Modify F4-i Wiring Harness   Modify Flywheel  
Modify Injection Wiring   Modify Oil Pan  

Honda F3 & F4 Motors

Air Filter Element Call for Pricing Head Spigots  
Barnett Clutch Springs   Holley Fuel  Pump  
Bearings (Each)   Honda Exhaust Valves Each  
Big Cams + Core Each   Honda Intake Valves Each  
Billet Carb Fittings   Honda Single Spring  
Billet Fuel Tee   HRC Programmable Kit  
Billet Sprocket Cover   HRC Valve Springs  
Bottom End Set   Keihin Carbs Flat Slides  
Bronze Valve Guides   Lightweight Crank & Rods  
Cam Chain    Lightweight Pins  
Cam Chain Adjuster   Mud Guards  
Cam Gears Each   Oil Filter  
Carb Restrictor Cones   Oil Pan Baffel  
Chassis Dolly Jack   Pistons (Honda)  
Chassis Stand Aluminum   Pistons (Wiseco)  
Coated Header w/Muffler   Power Commander Dyna  
Competition Clutch Set   Replacement Collector  
Competition Top End Set   Replacement Muffler  
Counter Sprockets   Re-ratio 2nd & 3rd Gears  
Engine Stand   Re-ratio 4th Gear  
Engine Tray   Rings (Honda) Set  
Exhaust Flanges   Rings (Wiseco) Set  
F-3 Billet Air Box   Shipping Crates  
F-3 K&N Air Filter   Springs (Header)  
F-4 Alcohol Needles   Stainless Valves Each  
F-4 Billet Air Box   Tail Pipe  
F-4 Valve Cover Block Off Plates   Tool Tray  
F4-i Adjustable Bypass      
F4-i Electric Fuel Pump      
Head Gasket      
Head Pipes Each      

Honda 600 RR

Air Box Call for Pricing
Billet Oil Pan & Pickup  
Billet Sprocket Cover  
Block Offs (all)  
HRC Engine Management System  
Modify Injection for Alcohol  
Modify Valve Cover  
Modify Water Fittings  
Modify Wiring Harness  
Motor Kit  
Power Commander  
Re-ratio Transmission  
Sheet Metal Oil Pan w/Pickup Exc.  

Yamaha R-6

Yamaha Carbureted Engines Yamaha Injected Engines
Air Box Call for Pricing Air Box Call for Pricing
Carb with Billet Fittings   Billet Oil Pan & Pickup  
Counter Sprocket   Billet Sprocket Cover  
Header   Engine Management System  
Modify Pan & Bypass   Header  
Modify Water Fittings   Modify Injection (Alcohol)  
Modify Wiring Harness   Modify Pan & Bypass  
Motor Kit   Modify Wiring Harness  
High Volume Needle Seats   Motor Kits  
Oil Filter   Re-ratio Transmission  
Plugs   Valve Cover Vent  
Water Fittings (Oil Cooler)      

Motec Equipment

Adjustable By-Pass Call for Pricing
Advanced Tuning  
Alcohol Injectors  
Billet Air Filter  
Billet Fuel Filter  
Electric Fuel Pump  
Exhaust Gas Temperature  
Lambda Sensor  
Lambda Tuning (Full Time)  
M-4 Box  
6-Channel Ignition